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Join us at Awesomenicity and embark on an exhilarating math adventure like no other. Gain access to everything you need to deliver impactful, differentiated and captivating math lessons for grades 2-5 (years 3-6). With Awesomenicity, you'll have access to all the essential elements necessary for a successful teaching experience. Save yourself hours of work with our meticulously-crafted lesson plans, visually-rich, inquiry-based slideshows and ready-to-print activities - perfect for both home-based learning and the classroom.

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We are a trio of enthusiastic and experienced international educators who have come together to create inspired learning! With over 40 years of combined teaching expertise and a wealth of diverse experiences from teaching in more than 16 countries, we are on a mission to make math fun, engaging and accessible to students worldwide.

We believe that every student has the potential to excel in mathematics and it's our passion to ignite that spark of curiosity within them. Through our platform, we aim to foster a love for math, build solid foundations, and equip students with problem-solving skills that extend far beyond the classroom.

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When you dive into Awesomenicity, you will discover a treasure trove of inspiring ideas, thought-provoking math activities and beautifully designed tutorials. Our highly-differentiated learning activities offer innovative teaching ideas, all while following Common Core, British and Australian National Curriculums for grade 2 to 5 (Year 3 to 6).

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